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1 on 1 Program

For players looking to learn how to play soccer and are new to the game— 1 on 1 coaching is standard amongst many individual disciplines such as music, tennis, athletics & golf to name a few but there is a growing trend within football for 1on1 soccer training even though it is a team game. 1on1 soccer training and individual soccer/football practice can really take your game to the next level.

For players wanting to play at an advanced or elite level — This is probably the most common reason for 1on1 training. As you aim higher and your level increases, the margins become smaller so working with an expert across specific and targeted areas of your game can really make a difference.

Learn and refine new techniques — Technical football is an area that is often over looked in team training but it is a vital component of a soccer player’s makeup. 1on1 soccer training and individual soccer practice is great for mastering skills that can be difficult to master in a game situation. Learning core ball mastery, first touch, turning techniques and ball striking along 1v1 domination are examples of where 1 on 1 soccer training will really benefit the footballer.

Focus on the individual needs of the soccer player — Football is a team game but the individual is a vital component in the team’s success. When training as a team, a players individual needs can be overlooked so 1on1 soccer training can help significantly. Working 1on1 is a blank canvas and the training can be specifically tailored to focus on areas which need work. Most often this is around technique, flexibility, speed, agility and power with and without the ball.

Build confidence in a football player — Soccer is very much a mental game as much as it is a physical one. Confidence plays a huge role in whether a soccer player succeeds and that is where 1 on 1 soccer training can help. Training in a positive environment where the focus is all about the player can really help to break down mental barriers and lift a soccer player to new confidence levels

1 on 1 Program

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