Kids Program

Year Round Coaching Curriculum — Players will be trained according to the field curriculum standards set and implemented by premier soccer academies around the globe. Our educational programme caters  to the four key pillars of player development – technical, tactical, physical and psychological.

Elite Training and Playing Environment — Training includes both teaming up with or pitting against players of equal or higher calibre. Competitions against the best teams in the city-island provide players the opportunity to explore their potential and exhibit their best performance on the field.

Physical Training & Conditioning — Various physical and football fitness training methods and tests are applied in order to reach peak physical performance on the pitch.

Utilized training methods include:

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Speed Endurance

  • Mobility & Agility Training

  • Reaction Training

  • Aerobic Fitness

  • Dynamic Movement

  • Core Fitness

  • Plyometics & Explosive Power Development

  • Interval & Cardiovascular Endurance Training

  • Muscular Endurance Training

  • Strength Training

  • Stretching & Flexibility Training

  • Proprioception

Kids Program

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